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Our mission:

Crosstown seeks to deliver community-level data and analysis to the people of Los Angeles who want to make their neighborhoods and city safer, healthier, and more connected.


Are you a news organization?

We believe that vibrant local news is a key component of a healthy community. Much of our data are sorted by neighborhood. Let us know how we can help sharpen your coverage with better local data. We encourage news organizations to republish our stories and our data, but please follow our guidelines, which you can read here.

We also collaborate with news organizations by co-reporting stories.   Let’s work together!


Are you a community organization?

We work with local organizations in Los Angeles to help them better understand their communities through data. We can provide and analyze data on traffic, crime, air quality for your neighborhood. We want to learn what your community’s data needs are. We are an independent, non-profit news organization with limited scope, so we may not be able to engage every request. But we do want to hear from you.


Are you a business?

Can our data help you learn about Los Angeles? Do you need to know how different neighborhoods are impacted by traffic, crime or air quality? We work with businesses that align with our mission and can benefit from insights gleaned from our data.


Still have questions? Write to us at askus@xtown.la

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