Republishing Guidelines

Our Reuse Policy 

We strongly encourage other news organizations to republish our stories and cite our data. We are a non-profit news organization and we believe in collaboration.


Just follow these guidelines:

To cite our data or use our graphics and charts:

  • Do not alter the graphics.
  • Include the Crosstown logo and designer credit that accompanies each graphic.
  • Mention prominently that the data analysis was performed by Crosstown and, when appropriate, cite the original source of the data (e.g. LAPD crime dataset, LA Metro, etc.).
  • It is fine to include only the data that is relevant to your city or neighborhood. But please do not cherry-pick certain statistics and exclude others in a manner that alters the meaning of the original story.
  • You must link back to our website: xtown.la
  • If you share a piece on social media that includes our graphics, please tag us: @CrosstownLA
  • To see an example of how this can be done, look here.

To republish a story in its entirety:

  • Include the original bylines at the top of the story, mark it clearly that it was republished from Crosstown (e.g.: John Smith, Crosstown)  
  • Include prominently a link back to our site: xtown.la.
  • Do not alter the story.
  • If you share something of ours on social media please let us know by tagging us @CrosstownLA.

And if you have any questions, just write to us: askus@xtown.la

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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