Local news

is in crisis

Crosstown is trying to fix it
with data

We help you…

Harness data to scale up your reporting and produce

stories for every neighborhood.

In one package, Crosstown delivers…

Data Engineering

We collect, index and organize massive amounts of data about key quality-of-life-issues.

Data Engineering Interface

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Data Journalism

Our dashboard lets you search and sort massive amounts of data instantly, so you can turn it into stories. Every journalist in your newsroom becomes a data journalist.

Data Visualizations

Easily convert data into charts and graphs.

Data Engineering Interface

Hyperlocal Newsletters

Hyperlocal Newsletters

Create unique stories for every neighborhood in your city with our newsletter platform.

How Crosstown works… We turn publicly available data into publicly accessible data. Our customized dashboard allows you to make sense of massive amounts of information in just seconds.

Newsletter Mockup

Newsletter Mockup

Our Foundry newsletter platform lets you produce and deliver news that is tailored for each community, whether that’s 10, 20 or 120 different neighborhoods.

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Crosstown helps local newsrooms lower costs,

increase coverage, break news and grow revenue.

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