Safety at LAX? Pretty lax


LAX is in the 90045  zip code, which had the highest number of petty thefts last year.

What is a petty theft?
The theft of property valued at $950 or less that does not involve person-to-person contact.

The average number of petty thefts per Los Angeles zip code was 110 petty thefts in 2017.

But LAX’s zip code, 90045, had a total of 501 petty thefts.

That was a slight increase from 2016.

The number two zip code for petty theft was 90028, the heavily touristed Hollywood area intersected by Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard. 90028 draws millions of visitors every year with attractions such as TCL Chinese Theater and the Pantages Hollywood Theater. It saw a 20 percent decrease in petty thefts from 2016 to 2017.

Area code 90028 had a total of 441 petty thefts, a 20 percent decrease from 2016.Check out our heat map of petty theft for the entire city of Los Angeles in 2017.