What’s Up, What’s Down for LA Crime in 2018

Rates hold steady, but some violent offenses are up.


There were 103 different types of crime offenses reported in the City of Los Angeles during the first six months of the year, from arson to weapons possession.


Of all those crime categories, 50% showed a decreasing trend in report numbers.


But most of the crimes on the wane were non-violent offenses.


For example, there were 655 reports of identity theft in June, the lowest it’s been all year. That’s a 28% decrease from the 919 reports in January.




Here are some other crimes showing significant decreases during the first half of 2018:


January – June


Robbery: -8%
933 —> 863


Burglary: -48%
1326 —> 1181
*June was tied for year low


Lewd letters and telephone calls: -24%
170 —> 130
*June was year low


Document forgery: -25%
152 —> 98
*June was year low


But many violent crimes were trending upward over the first six months of this year.


Assault with a deadly weapon, for example, was the highest it’s been all year – with 988 reports in June.


This was up 27% from 776 reports in January.



Here are other crimes with significant increases for 2018:


January – June


Brandishing a weapon: +49%
175 —> 261
*June was year high


Assault with a deadly weapon: +27%
776 —> 988
*June was year high


Restraining order violation: +19%
192 —> 229
*June was year high


Battery on a police officer: +25%
52 —> 65
*June was year high


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