2018 Los Angeles homicide roundup, Part 1

After hitting a year-low in September, Los Angeles saw homicides go back up in October.

Photo by Marvin Esteve

Homicides are increasing again in Los Angeles, though the numbers are still relatively low compared to some of past years’ high points.

October’s homicide crime report count is just two counts below the monthly average for Los Angeles since 2010, which is 24.


In September, L.A. saw the second-lowest month for homicide crime reports in the past eight years. The only month it was ever lower was in October of 2013, when there were 11.


Looking at monthly averages for homicide crime reports, there looks to be little variation over the years. 

For totals by year, we see a trend that appears to be dipping again as we finish up 2018:


For 2018, it looks like we’re going to see a year very similar to the past. If you look at the number of homicide crime reports between the months of January and October over the past eight years, there is very little variation:


In the second part of our homicide report analysis, coming out tomorrow, we’ll look into L.A.’s homicide data neighborhood by neighborhood. 


We got our data from the LAPD’s public database.