Hate incidents up slightly in LA in the first six months of 2019

Recent rise, but fluctuating numbers over past nine years
Hate Crime

We originally published this story on social media: Crosstown LA. We wrote about hate incidents earlier this year, reporting a seven-year high in 2018. And we publish weekly alerts about hate crimes in the City of Los Angeles









How we did it: We examined publicly available LAPD data on reports crimes labeled with the code for “hate incident.” For neighborhood boundaries, we rely on the borders defined by the Los Angeles Times. Learn more about our data here.

LAPD data only reflects crimes that are reported to the department, not how many crimes actually occurred. In making our calculations, we rely on the data the LAPD makes publicly available. The LAPD does periodically update past crime reports with new information, which sometimes leads them to recategorize past reports. Those revised reports do not always automatically become part of the public database. We try to update our reporting when new data become available.

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