Los Angeles Hate Crime Alert: Dec. 14 – 31, 2019

There were nine reported hate crimes from Dec. 14 – 31, 2019
Hate Crime

There were nine reported hate crimes in the City of Los Angeles from Dec. 14 – 31, 2019. The total number of hate crimes reported in 2019 was 325.


We have tracked every hate crime and hate incident reported to the Los Angeles Police Department in 2019. There is a lag in when the LAPD data becomes available, so we publish our reports as the data comes in. Read the previous two here: Los Angeles Hate Crime Alert: Nov. 10 – Dec. 6, 2019 and Los Angeles Hate Crime Alert: Oct. 14 – Nov. 9, 2019.


Since our most recent hate crime alert, the LAPD identified 16 crimes reported earlier than Dec. 14 and reclassified them as hate crimes. We have included those incidents in this alert. The department has also taken some previously reported hate crimes and removed the “hate crime” designation.


The LAPD defines a hate crime as “any criminal act or attempted criminal act directed against a person or persons based on the victim’s actual or perceived race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, disability or gender.” The LAPD’s publicly available data does not always indicate why the police designated a particular crime as a hate crime.


We documented every hate crime reported to the LAPD in 2019. Read why here and our hate crime reporter’s reflections on this experiment here.