Crosstown launches 110 Neighborhood Newsletters

Project offers crime, COVID and other community-specific information, no matter where in Los Angeles you live or work

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There is no shortage of news coverage of the happenings in Washington, D.C. Whether you live in Boyle Heights, Encino, Historic South-Central or Venice, it’s easy to turn on the TV, or go on social media or the web, and find the latest regarding President Donald Trump, President-elect Joe Biden, and the storming of the Capitol.


What residents of those four communities–and 106 other Los Angeles neighborhoods–may have trouble finding is up-to-date, accurate data and information on what is happening near their home. 


Crosstown has a solution to that problem. This morning, we launched the Neighborhood Newsletter project, providing weekly, area-specific information on 110 city of Los Angeles neighborhoods.


The Neighborhood Newsletters provide a wealth of information, from details about crime and COVID-19 counts in a community, to data on parking tickets and building permits. Each week’s newsletter will have the latest information.


The newsletters are free. To sign up, and get data-driven stories about where you live or work, go here.


“We want people in Los Angeles to feel connected to where they live,” said Publisher and Editor Gabriel Kahn. “And we want to supply them with information that’s reliable. The better informed we all are, the more our communities thrive” 


Crosstown created the 110 Neighborhood Newsletters by utilizing data that is publicly accessible, if often difficult to uncover. The project is a collaboration between software engineers, designers and journalists, and was built almost entirely by students, working mostly out of USC’s Annenberg School for Journalism and the Viterbi School of Engineering


This is a challenging time for the news business, with people demanding reliable coverage about the state of their world, while also needing to know what is happening down the street. Crosstown can’t do anything about the former, but community-specific stories are just a click away.


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