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A look at the weekly trends and changes of the coronavirus in Los Angeles

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The coronavirus continues to roil Los Angeles, and each day seems to bring a new development. Crosstown is monitoring the movement. Here is our weekly rundown of the most important local data.

Daily COVID tracker

Cases and Deaths

Cases continue to be on a downward trend. On Tuesday, Feb. 9, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health reported 3,353 new cases; this represents an 80.3% decrease from the 16,982 cases reported exactly one month prior. The seven-day average of COVID-19 cases also continues to drop; the 4,151 average daily cases for the period ending Feb. 9 is a 29.9% decrease from the 5,921 recorded the previous week. 


While Los Angeles County sometimes still sees a daily death toll above 200, the figures are declining. As of Feb. 9, the seven-day average of deaths attributed to COVID-19 is 189; that is a 10.4% decrease from the 211 average daily deaths a week ago. The 256 deaths reported on Wednesday, Feb. 3, was the highest total of the past week, but it was down from the previous week’s high, the 307 deaths reported on Jan. 27.


Seven-day average positivity rate, Nov. 11-Feb. 9

Line chart of coronavirus positivity rate

Positivity Rate

As the number of new cases and deaths fall, the testing positivity rate also continues to decline. On Feb. 9, the County Department of Public Health reported a seven-day average positivity rate of 8.8%; this is a 57% decrease from nearly four weeks prior, when the rate was 20.5%. Just one week ago, on Feb 2, the positivity rate stood at 11.1%. While the decrease has prompted many people to exhale, the level remains much higher than in the fall. On Oct. 12, the seven-day positivity average was 3.1%.


Coronavirus vaccines administered in Los Angeles County

Line chart of vaccine doses administered


Los Angeles County recently hit the milestone of administering more than 1 million coronavirus vaccine doses. As of Feb. 5, according to county tracking data, 1,051,229 doses had gone into arms. A week prior, the number of doses administered was 790,902. According to county data, 80,286 of the inoculations in the last week were second doses, accounting for about 30.8% of the vaccines administered in that period.


However, there are trouble points. On Wednesday evening, Mayor Eric Garcetti said that, because of an inadequate supply chain, the city of Los Angeles was poised to run out of its stock of Moderna vaccine, and would be closing the Dodger Stadium vaccination site, as well as other city-run sites, for two days (vaccinations will continue at many county-operated and privately run locations). He said the city hopes to resume vaccinations at its sites next week. “I’m very concerned right now,” Garcetti said about the slow delivery.


How We Did It: We analyzed coronavirus data related to new cases, deaths, hospitalization and vaccinations data provided by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.


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