Burglaries in LA Hold Steady for July, Except for These Places

Mar Vista, Westwood and Mid City Saw the Biggest Spikes



Reports of burglary in the City of Los Angeles for July held steady from the previous month. In July of 2018, there were 1226 total burglary reports –  2.6% higher than the count for June, which was 1194 burglary reports. 



But on a per day average, there were 39.55 reports daily during July. That’s just a tad under June’s daily average of 39.8.



We noticed in our last story that crime reports across Los Angeles overall were down in July of 2018 compared to June.



Burglary reports fell a full 9% from July of 2017, when there were 1329.



But the drop didn’t play out evenly across the city. While most neighborhoods showed a decline, 35% saw an increase in their burglary rate* from July 2017 to July 2018.



These neighborhoods showed some of the sharpest increases in burglary reports from July 2017 to July 2018:



Neighborhood July 2017 Count July 2018 Count % Change July 2018 Burglary Rate
Mar Vista 3 16 433% 42.49
Westwood 4 13 225% 24.51
Mid City 10 28 180% 53.89
Fairfax 10 19 90% 140.91
Sherman Oaks 23 39 70% 54.49



These neighborhoods saw a steep drop in burglary reports between July 2017 and July 2018:



Neighborhood July 2017 Count July 2018 Count % Change July 2018 Burglary Rate
North Hollywood 30 16 -47% 19.55
San Pedro 55 23 -58% 28.54
Florence 22 9 -59% 17.1
Historic South Central 24 7 -71% 14.37
Highland Park 13 2 -85% 3.77



*The burglary rate represents the number of break ins that occur per 100,000 residents in a certain neighborhood.



Looking at the change in burglary reports for the year, the month-by-month trend has remained relatively consistent:




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