Car Break-Ins Rose 47% in Seven Years

Increase far outpaces overall crime trend in LA



Car break-ins are one of the most common crimes in Los Angeles. Police in the city and elsewhere have blamed the scourge of thefts from vehicles in part on increasingly homelessness and opioid addition.



Between 2010-2017, thefts from vehicles rose by 47%. Overall crime reports in LA over that same period rose 7.9%.


Year Number of thefts from
motor vehicles
2010 9562
2011 9206
2012 10013
2013 10271
2014 10923
2015 13553
2016 14308
2017 14072



Last month, there were a total of 1216 reports of theft from motor vehicles, an increase of only six from June.



In July, half of all LA neighborhoods saw thefts from vehicles drop compared with June of 2018. In this same period, only 37% saw an increase in reports.



Here are the neighborhoods with some of the most significant decreases in the number of reports for theft from a motor vehicle between June and July of 2018:


Neighborhood June 2018 July 2018 % Change
Koreatown 34 22 -35%
Mid City 17 10 -41%
Canoga Park 24 13 -46%
Palms 21 10 -52%
Mid-Wilshire 15 7 -53%



Some neighborhoods also experienced an increase in the number of reports for theft from a motor vehicle. Here are some of the most significant:


Neighborhood June 2018 July 2018 % Change
Tarzana 9 19 111%
Woodland Hills 15 28 87%
Studio City 20 33 65%
Pacoima 14 21 50%
Westlake 28 38 36%




For 2018, the trend in the number of reports for theft from a motor vehicle has been fairly flat. Here’s the year-to-date summary:





In comparison to last year, there was a slight increase in the number of these reports. The July 2018 count of 1216 reports is 3% up from the July 2017 count of 1177 reports. 



The overall trend for this year is higher as well. Through July of last year, there had been 8075 total reports of theft from a motor vehicle, while in 2018 there have already been 8451 reports, a 4.7% increase. 



*Our reports for this category of crime include both thefts and attempted thefts from vehicles as well as  burglaries and attempted burglaries from vehicles.  See more on how we organize our crime data here.



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