The Slowest Commute in LA Just Got Slower

Evening rush hour on the 5 South is under 20 mph

Yes, the freeways of Los Angeles are slow, but just how slow?


We calculated the slowest commutes in the city based on the latest data from February through June of 2018. We broke it down by looking at average weekday rush-hour speeds for the morning (7-9 am) and the evening (4-7 pm).


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The slowest? Yes, it’s the 405, the freeway everyone loves to hate. Specifically, it’s the stretch of the 405 heading North from the 10 to the 110. The average speed during the morning rush hour was 32.8 mph.


Below are the slowest evening commutes in LA:


The evening commute on the 5 South (between the 10 and the 605) defends its title as the slowest in LA, with average speeds of 19.6 mph. In fact, it got even slower. Last year it recorded average speeds of 20.4 mph.


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All the data in this article comes from sensors recording speeds on freeways across LA from February through June of 2018.


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