What’s the Fastest Freeway Commute in LA?

Yes, there are a few stretches of road where rush hour doesn't slow you down

The freeways of Los Angeles are almost always congested, but are there any routes where cars run free?


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We examined the average weekday traffic on 18 different freeways across Los Angeles county for February through June of 2018 (the most recent data available). Then we ranked routes with the fastest morning rush hours (between 7-9 am) and the fastest evening rush hours (between 4-7 pm).


The top spot goes to the 10 East from the 5 to the 57. Average morning rush-hour speeds of 62.4 miles per hour. However, the freeway slowed slightly from its average speed last year of 62.8.



The fastest evening commute: the 10 West from the 57 to the 5, with an average speed of 63.6 mph. Essentially, the same commuters who can glide eastward on the 10 in the morning get a similarly smooth ride home in the evening. But this commute also slowed slightly from last year, when the average speed was 65.7 mph.


Here are the fastest evening commutes ranked by average speed:



Despite an overall decrease in speed, the stretch of the 10 between Pomona and Downtown is the speediest commute in the greater Los Angeles area.


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All the data in this article comes from sensors recording speeds on freeways across LA from February through June of 2018. Data from January was incomplete, so we chose not to include it. 


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