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Average daily cases have increased nearly tenfold in one month

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It has been more than two weeks since the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health reintroduced the indoor mask mandate regardless of vaccination status due to the highly contagious Delta variant. Crosstown is following the progress, providing the most important new data about inoculations, along with information on the local impacts and trends of COVID-19.


Case by case

It may be too soon to see any improvements related to the mask mandate, but for now, cases are still on the rise. On July 23, the Department of Public Health reported 3,058 new cases – the first time daily cases had exceeded 3,000 since Feb. 13. Most recently, the County reported 2,067 cases on July 27.


Over the past month, average cases have increased nearly tenfold, from 259 on June 27 to 2,443 on July 27. Average deaths are also starting to see a slight upward trend; July 27 saw 9 average deaths, compared to 6 one week ago. 


COVID-19 hospitalizations in Los Angeles County, June 27-July 26

Los Angeles COVID-19 hospitalization rate


Hospitalizations are reaching heights not seen since this past spring. On July 27, the County reported 825 hospitalizations, marking a 257% increase from the 231 hospitalizations reported a month prior. The daily test positivity rate continues to skyrocket, from a low of 0.3% at the beginning of June to 5.7% on July 27.


Vaccination progress

The pace of vaccinations has slowed to a trickle from where it was just a few months ago. In the week of July 17-23, the County administered 146,542 total doses, a slight increase from the 129,139 doses given out in the previous week. Of those, 67,884 were second doses, similar to last week’s 67,346. 


That’s just 12.4% of the doses administered during the busiest week for vaccinations, March 28-April 4, when the number hit 1,178,651.


As of Friday, July 23 (the most recent day for which data is available), a total of 10,963,254 doses of the coronavirus vaccine had been administered. This includes 4,886,486 second doses. 



Vaccination rates for Los Angeles County

Vaccine percentages for Los Angeles


This breaks down to 70.7% of residents 16 and older having received at least one dose of the vaccine; 62% are now considered fully protected. These figures are even better in seniors, as 88.5% of residents 65 and older have received at least one dose, and 79% are considered fully vaccinated.


Vaccinations by gender

The gap between male and female vaccination rates – which was a gaping chasm as recently as April – has narrowed significantly.  


As of July 23, of the 5.9 million Angelenos who had received at least one dose, 52.7% were women and 47.1% were men. On April 14, the gap was 60.4% of women, compared with just 39.4% of men having received their dose of the vaccine (gender is unknown for a small portion of recipients).


How We Did It: We analyzed coronavirus data related to new cases, deaths, hospitalization and vaccinations data provided by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

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