Slowest Rush Hour Commute in LA? It’s the 5


We examined 36 freeway commutes in LA during morning and evening rush hours




The slowest?


The evening rush hour on the 5 freeway


Heading south on the 5 freeway, between the 10 and the 605, traffic moves at just

20.4 MPH

map of the 101

It gets worse:



Friday is the slowest day on the slowest commute.

Traffic slows to 18.8mph


How we did it:


First, we divided the Los Angeles freeway system into nine different segments. For example, we looked at the 10 freeway from Santa Monica till it intersects with the 5 freeway near Downtown. Then we looked at another segment of the 10 between the 5, heading east till it crosses the 57.  Then, we divided each section into two directions (e.g., east and west on the 10, or north and south on the 5).


Using something called the ADMS database, we were able to calculate the average speed in each directions for every hour of 2017. We then grouped those hours into days of the week, so we have a reading for all Mondays at 6 am, all Tuesdays at 6 am, and so forth. Then, we calculated the average morning and evening rush hour speeds on each section in each direction. Morning rush hour is 7-9 am; evening rush hour is 4-7 pm. Finally, we ranked them from fastest to slowest, and we also looked at the fastest and slowest day of the week.


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