In LA, Your Car Is a Crime Scene


Car theft and theft from a vehicle both saw a spike in May in the City of Los Angeles.

Based on Los Angeles Police Department data, burglaries from vehicles increased to 1555 in May from 1488 in April. It was the second-most common crime in the city, after assault*, with 1768.

That is a 20.8% increase from May 2017, when there were 1287 thefts from vehicles.


*Does not include aggravated assault.

Car theft notched up to 1503 cases in May from 1461 in April. A year ago it was 1496. It’s the third-most common crime.

Moving Target: Throwing an object at a moving vehicle doubled to 23 incidents in May.

Downtown LA had the highest number of burglaries from vehicles in May, with 142. Next on the list was Hollywood, with 84, and Koreatown, with 71.

Van Nuys had the most car theft incidents in May, with 60. Boyle Heights was in second place, with 54, while Sylmar was third, with 44.

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