Why Are We Still Talking About the 405? Here’s Why:


Billions will soon be sunk into the Sepulveda Pass, the windy route traversed by the I-405 Freeway.

LA Metro released plans for a rail line from Sherman Oaks to the Westside. Price tag: Anywhere from $17 billion to $30 billion, and it wouldn’t be ready till 2033 at the earliest.

Elon Musk wants to build his own tunnel through the pass.

This follows on the $1.3 billion already spent to add carpool lanes, improve ramps and overpasses. That construction brought us the Jamzilla, the Rampture and Carmageddon

Construction ended in May 2014. But rush hour traffic has only gotten worse. We looked at five years of rush hour speeds on the section of the 405 where Musk wants to build his tunnel. (Spoiler: It’s not pretty.)

The southbound evening commute (4 pm -7 pm) averaged 41.7 mph in 2012 and 28.7 mph in 2017. (Data includes Jan.of 2012-Oct. of 2017)


The morning southbound commute (7am-9am) went from 63.9 mph in 2012 to 57.0 mph in 2017.



The northbound evening commute traveled at 42.7 in 2012. By 2017, it was at 40.1 mph.



The northbound morning commute averaged 35.5 mph in 2012 and 36.0 mph in 2017.

So how many billions more will it take to make a difference?

One day we’ll know.