Watch Out! Here Are the Top 10 Spots for Freeway Accidents








We compiled accident data from January through November 2017

to find the most dangerous spots on LA freeways.


5 North and 605 North

The intersection of the 5 North and the 605 North is the most dangerous location, with a total of 261 crashes.


605 North and Telegraph Rd.

Just a mile away, the No. 2 spot had 185 crashes.


105 West and Long Beach Blvd.

This intersection in Lynwood had 174 accidents.


Route 60 West and Hacienda Blvd.

The Hacienda Heights intersection along Route 60 saw 171 crashes.


Route 60 West and Crossroads Pkwy.

The intersection farther west on Route 60 had 168 crashes.


110 North and Manchester Ave.

The South LA intersection had 158 incidents.


605 South and Whittier Blvd.

This Pico Rivera intersection was tied for 6th with 158 crashes.


710 South and Florence Ave.

The intersection next to the LA River had 156 incidents.


105 East and Central Ave.

The Watts intersection had 153 crashes.


110 South and 10 West

The major LA freeway intersection had 150 crashes.

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