Crash Course: What Day Are Accidents Most Likely to Happen?


We analyzed L.A. traffic data from 2017 to find weekly trends on vehicle incidents.

During the weekday, Mondays had the fewest average number of crashes, with 535.

Fridays had the highest number of accidents for the entire week, with an average of 655.

Crashes dip on the weekend, and Sunday is the safest day of the week to be on the road, with an average of 468 accidents. That’s almost 200 fewer crashes than Friday.

An average weekday has 590 crashes, almost 100 more crashes than an average weekend day.


But how does car volume impact the number of accidents?

Car volume correlates with the daily number of accidents. So, days with higher car volume have higher accident totals.

*This is a measure of how many vehicles on average pass over a single point on a freeway in Los Angeles County per minute on a given day of the week. The average is compiled from readings from multiple sensors embedded across the freeway network during 2017.

Learn more about Crosstown traffic data here.

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